In this article we will discuss how being productive will lead to more freedom in your life. One of the things we talk about most is time. Or rather, how not to waste time. You may wonder how productivity can lead to freedom if most of our guidance is focused on using your time to grow and pursue new interests. Nevertheless, there are many types of freedom that will be awarded to you through the proper use of your time and the increase of your productivity. So stick with us while we crank this one out!

Freedom is not only about having time for more activities. Obviously, we all want that. When we preach about productivity, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have free time anymore. We advocate that you become a more productive individual in order to achieve your goals and ambitions, which saves time in the process. As we were saying, freedom is not only about time. There are many types of freedom that are only available after investing said time:  financial freedom, personal freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, and work freedom, just to name a few. However, these don’t come easily. They are only available to those that have already invested a lot of time and work, who were capable of being productive with their time, and who were able to secure many forms of freedoms.

If you want to achieve one or many of the freedoms mentioned above, then you must use your time wisely, being the most productive that you can be with the time available to you. You may wonder how freedom is connected to productivity, and that is totally valid. Picture the following scenario: a person that goes to a 9-5 job doesn’t do much aside from that which is absolutely necessary. He wastes time on social media and texting friends, delivers work either late or of poor quality. He goes home and watches television or plays games until the day ends. Can you imagine such individuals achieving any type of freedom? It is impossible because they are stuck in an endless cycle that doesn’t let them make any progress toward their goals. And you can’t achieve freedom when you are stuck. Freedom is all about having choices and options at any given time.

Let’s discuss even further how productivity can offer you some kind of freedom, shall we?


This is the type of freedom everyone wishes to achieve. It is terrible to struggle with finances, counting every penny to make it to the end of the month. Sadly, nearly every activity costs money. Everyday activities have a cost, and so do new experiences like scuba diving, traveling, or mountain climbing. All of these can only be experienced if one has the money for it. Still, it isn’t only applied to experiences, but daily comfort. Having the financial freedom to buy new furniture, domestic appliances, luxury items, and so on. Most of us spend our lives wishing for this financial security, yet only a few attempt to achieve it, and even fewer actually do. Why is it so hard? Simply put, people lack the productivity to invest in themselves and increase their value in the workplace.

These two factors are more connected than you think. As we have discussed in previous articles, your work has to be more valuable. You have to deliver high-quality work every day you perform your job. It is the only way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. You need to be able to look at your results and be proud of the amount of effort you put into it. It is the only way to become an asset in this modern world in which so many are replaceable. Well, you can’t be! In order to achieve that, you must be as productive as you can in order to improve yourself.

Also, being productive applies not only to giving the best that you can, but also to learning new skills. When you go home and devote yourself to learning new skills that will open doors to that job promotion, you will be one step ahead of the rest of the herd. This is you creating options. This is the freedom that will give you the financial security you have always wished for.


Another type of freedom most of us would like to have is personal freedom. This is a broader field of action. It applies to every aspect of our lives. Everyone has goals, desires, and ambitions. However, few actually work towards them. This type of freedom is the one that you can only achieve through leading a productive life, simply because it gives you the options to do so. Feeling stuck in a cycle year after year, like nothing will ever change, is the result of a lack of options or, more precisely, a lack of freedom.

In contrast, if we lead a productive lifestyle, our life doesn’t have to be in a loop. If we feel tired of or frustrated with our position, we can quickly change it. You aren’t stuck to your career, social circle, or activities. You can change in any way you desire. The only catch is that change demands knowledge, opportunities, and skills, and the only way to acquire these is to be productive with your life. For example, many people rarely stop studying. Or, they study which field will be in high demand in the near future and start to devote their time to it. It may be hard to work and study at the same time, but it opens doors and gives opportunities that others won’t have. Productive people can change careers or have a wider knowledge of what they are doing because they didn’t stagnate. They invested the time needed to propel themselves forward. This is just an example, however. It applies to many aspects of our daily lives. This flexibility is what personal freedom is all about:  no more cycles or loops that you can’t change. If you use your time productively, then your skillset will increase your options, which results in more freedom.

When you work toward personal freedom, or even when you achieve it, you won’t be afraid of taking risks. You won’t continually question yourself. Isn’t that the most exhilarating idea? Embrace your new identity!


Emotional freedom is more of a complement other types of freedom, simply because it is a byproduct of achieving freedom in other fields. If you already achieved any type of stability, then you have already found emotional freedom. Still, most people that are stuck in the cycle we previously mentioned aren’t even aware of how unstable they are emotionally. It is not something that stands out in a striking fashion. It is all about little thoughts that plague our mind such as “Will I be alright if I do this?” “Will I be able to afford my bills this month?” “What do others think of me?” These constant questions that cross our mind so many times throughout the day are a result of emotional instability. As you can see, they are normal and aren’t as daunting as so many other issues. However, when we are being productive, these thoughts that plague our mind start to diminish until they disappear almost completely, due first to a change in our perception of ourselves. When we start to become invested and good at something, self-doubt fades away. Second, when we are in a stable place with many options and roads ahead, we aren’t so afraid of what is coming.

Moments of self-doubt are not the only byproduct of a lack of emotional freedom. Other issues can result in significant problems in a person’s life. When a person can’t find work, pay the bills, or develop relationships, then it is no longer a small instability. It is a huge problem that plagues the person’s mind and life. They end up entering a self-destructive cycle, which results in losing more and more options.

The bottom line is that when you are productive you don’t have time to wonder about all of this. You are always investing in yourself. You may go through some periods where you feel like you need to take a break and go back to a cycle of comfort, but when a person is always improving, doors do open. Choices will be there for the taking. Opportunities will arise. When that time comes, you won’t have to worry about the future and uncertainties. That is emotional freedom in its purest form.


Leading a productive life to achieve freedom doesn’t apply only to work or knowledge skillsets. It also has a massive impact on your social freedom. What exactly is social freedom? It is having the ability to develop and foster new relationships without being insecure. Most of us are stuck in our social group and never try to create new relationships. We get comfortable and avoid conflicts in order to keep the group together. It is no secret that humans are creatures of habit. We don’t like to change. Still, this leads to many unhealthy habits, one of which is being in a social group that is not the richest for personal growth.

How can we achieve social freedom? We touched on this topic in a previous article when we discussed why productivity brings happiness. As we have said, productivity opens doors to new friends, groups, and partners, not only because your outlook on life changes, but also due to the fact that you change as an individual. You start to look for like-minded people and stop wasting your time with people that don’t share your lifestyle and ambitions. You may think calling that time wasted might be a harsh statement, but when we put it bluntly, it is what it is. You stop identifying with them because you have changed into a whole new person. Bit by bit you no longer see a friend, but an acquaintance. As people grow, they drift away from others that don’t suit our lifestyle and goals. That is what happens when you are the only one who wants to pursuit something great. It is a daunting realization, but it is needed. This is when you start to acknowledge that you are free to make new friends and create new groups.

We can’t change overnight, and often we are resistant to it. It is a long and incremental battle within ourselves. However, when we become more productive and start to overcome obstacles, conquer goals, and learn new skills, and when we realize that we are becoming an asset with great value, our perspective on life changes. We leave behind the comfort crutches and start to run toward the unknown. You won’t be attached to a safe group. You will meet new people with your newfound confidence, make new friends that you can identify with, and foster these relationships, all the while helping each other reach your goals. As you become more interesting as a byproduct of your productivity, you will have the social skills and freedom to befriend whomever you want.


Finally, one of the most important freedoms on this list is work freedom, which is heavily intertwined with financial and personal freedom. Despite being really difficult to achieve freedom in these three fields, it is nonetheless possible. Why is it difficult? It depends on a person’s goals. Sometimes work and personal freedom don’t lead to financial freedom. This is especially relevant in the art field, for example.

Work freedom is probably the freedom most dependent on productivity. If you look at work freedom as jumping from job to job, you don’t need to be productive for that. In fact, many people jump from low-paying jobs constantly. Still, is that freedom? Is it fulfilling? Not at all. That isn’t a choice that gives you fulfilling results. It is just a change in daily routine.

Having work freedom is being able to strive among the masses in your field, or being able to change careers to improve your life status. It is when you go to work and feel happy for being there and give it your all. However, this can only be achieved by working hard and using your time productively. You need to be better than you are to create these opportunities. If people aren’t productive, how can they expect to be valuable to the point where these doors open themselves? There are millions of people in this world who can replace us in the workforce. We need to work hard to become irreplaceable. We must become an asset.


Even though we live in a free society, freedom – in the sense we are discussing here – is not a right given to everyone. It is privilege for those that work hard and invest in themselves. We live in a land of endless opportunity. And opportunities do present themselves to those who are willing to fight for them. People think they are entitled to everything, but that isn’t how the world works. There is a ladder to climb. Many don’t leave the bottom of that ladder because they live in an entitled way. In contrast, those who work, are productive, and improve themselves year after year climb that ladder and achieve many forms of freedom.

Achieving every type of freedom might be a hard task. Still, if you are productive with your time and invest in yourself, the fact is that you will achieve at least one of them. Isn’t that worth fighting for? Having the possibility of making choices that impact your life in a significant way? Choosing what you want for yourself today, tomorrow, and next year? Getting away from the boring loop that most of us end up stuck in for years or even our entire life?

MushMonday firmly believes that productivity can and will change your life. We are devoted to guide you and help you overhaul your entire life. We want you to be great. We want you to be the best possible version of yourself. We want to you to be free!