Life is an amazing journey and each day is a learning experience. Thankfully, most everyone desires personal growth. Growing is an intrinsic element of our limited time in existence. At first, we grow because we have to. We learn from others until we are able to think for ourselves. When we reach our teens, we start to develop our own interests and goals. However, when we finally become an adult, the accelerated rate of growth we experienced when we were children begins to slow rapidly. We stagnate in a world full of distractions. That stagnation is precisely what we will address in this article. MushMonday believes that every individual should be productive and grow at the same pace they did when they were in childhood, which is what we will discuss here:  why you should focus on productivity in order to grow as a person.

Luckily for us, we live in a society where plentiful opportunities exist. It wasn’t that long ago that social position decided the fate of a person, but now nearly anyone can rise from nothing and become someone important. We live in a world that offers everything to those who work hard, and even quite a bit to those who don’t. Modern technology has made us dependent, lazy, and prone to complacency. Most of us don’t work as hard as we could or invest in ourselves. We go through the daily motions and become a bit too comfortable in our own skin, and that’s not ok. Most of us want to grow. The problem is that we are afraid of taking on challenges and are too lazy to commit to anything that takes real effort.

MushMonday promotes a different lifestyle. As we discussed in other articles, productivity can completely change our personality, status, life, perspective, goals, and motivation. All of these are elements that everyone needs to grow without limits. It all starts with a change of mentality and perspective. If you are reading this, you are already changing. You know you must take action. Are you ready to grow?


Personal growth is intrinsic to every type of growth. If you develop and improve your life in any way, you are growing personally. There is no denying it. So how does productivity affect personal growth? In short, it sparks change. In order to foster any type of improvement, there needs to be a change in our habits. As mentioned, modern society breeds complacency. We have gotten used to the comfort zone that technology allows, and we refuse to take risks. However, if we don’t work toward a goal, how can we become better than we were yesterday? It is impossible. Our society is experiencing an overall decrease of determination and will. We constantly fish for digital likes and spend our time watching television, playing videogames, or scrolling social media. Days, weeks, months, and years go by without any change to our identity. We are still the same person we were last year. This way of living prohibits our development. Sadly, we don’t notice it until years have been wasted and we are left with regret. So what is our suggestion to change that course? Productivity.

Being productive is not only an igniter, but a necessity. Our most valuable resource is time, and we must make the most of it. That is why we advocate productivity as a lifestyle and not just a complement to your routine. Simply put, it changes the way a person lives. When you invest your time productively, opportunities start to appear. For example, Person A uses his free time to learn new skills, to go the extra mile for his job, and to deliver high-quality results. He takes care of his chores efficiently so he can have more time to indulge in other activities like sports or even learning a new language. Every day that goes by, he is evolving into a new and better person. Meanwhile, Person B goes to work and wastes most of the day. He delivers poor or average work, typically close to a deadline. He goes home and spends the night binge watching his favorite show. The next day he does exactly the same. Both happen to work at the same place, and a new position with a higher salary is opening up. Person A is motivated and shows promise and quality. Person B doesn’t care very much because he is satisfied with his routine and doesn’t want to take a risk. Who do you think is going to get the promotion and be in a better position in the future?

That is the power of productivity. It offers both the mindset and the opportunities to become an asset to others. And people change because of it. Laziness, lack of motivation, stagnation – these have no place in a productive life, but they are common characteristics of many of us. However, when one focuses on productivity, those negative traits start to fade away. Our core personality changes and, as a result, our future path does too.


The only way to grow in your career is through productivity and dedication. There is no way around it. We might deliver an above average project, but that does not set us apart from the rest. And in order to really become valuable in our workplace, we must deliver high-quality work within the timeframe given. We need to become an asset to our employer. When our name is attached to a project, it needs to highlight our best efforts. Our careers are an extension of our personalities and lives. We should always want to show our best selves to others.

Our jobs are also a big part of our lives. We spend most of our day in our workplace, and our successes and failures there have a huge impact on our personal lives. If work is going well, we feel great. If it is stressful, we take that stress home and can’t be at ease. Also, our job is one factor that determines our social status in society, which is to say our financial and personal security. If we get a promotion, we feel more important. A raise in our salary brings more financial security, which then leads to more comfort and safety. There is no denying the importance of being happy at work.

A productive life makes the rise to the top of the ladder possible. People that become stagnant in their personal and professional lives simply don’t move up. You probably know of many examples of this – people that do the same job for 20-30 years, always complaining but never putting any effort into escaping the cycle. The question you need to ask yourself is do you want to be that person? Or do you want to scale the ladder? If you want to move ahead of the rest and become an asset to others, then you need to use your time productively by working smarter. If you are just grinding through, you will tire yourself out before achieving any meaningful result. We need to work harder and smarter, and always give our best effort. Hopefully, with our tips, you will be able to achieve a productive lifestyle that will make your climb a lot easier and a whole lot more worthwhile.


Financial growth is typically a byproduct of professional growth. Still, there is more to it than just working and receiving your paycheck. For starters, financial growth is not only about having more money to buy things. It provides a sense of security in your life that most don’t have. When you grow financially, you won’t have to count every penny to make it to the end of the month. You build a safe environment that propels you even farther because you don’t have to worry as much, and because you can demand your value. Demanding your value is a tricky thing, but it is a key part of a productive lifestyle. People that don’t stop growing are an asset to any company or business. Financial security is a result of your growth and of your productivity inside and outside of the workplace.

In addition to comfort and security, financial growth provides new opportunities. When you don’t have to struggle with your income, you can invest in new activities or more education, both of which further promote personal and professional growth. Do you recall the number of times you wished to travel or take on a new challenge or learning experience, but you couldn’t because money was tight? All of that changes when we embrace a productive life. You will likely experience quick results. Full financial security might take a while, but it will come as long as you continue to grow. Your perspective on things will change, as will other people’s perspective of you. You will become valuable to them. Your work and attitude will showcase your quality and standards. When the world’s perspective of you changes, then you can demand your true value and achieve financial security.


ocial growth is heavily intertwined with the types of growth previously mentioned. It is an essential skillset to develop, and it will come naturally as a result of the others. When you are being productive, you will experience two types of social growth. First, your social skills will improve drastically when your perspective of yourself changes. When you grow and try to be the best version of yourself, then your self-image improves. We are generally our own worst critics, as many of you already know, but when we become more productive, our self-value rises as a result. That voice inside our head that is always criticizing starts to disappear because we know we are giving our all. Our self-esteem begins to detach from other people’s opinion and we give ourselves our due credit. This process leads to a huge overhaul in our social interactions. Confidence and self-esteem make a person more likeable and admirable. In addition, you won’t be so afraid of vulnerability because you are a brand new and better version of yourself. You are breeding confidence.

Second, your social circle will change. When a person goes through a huge amount of growth – whether personal, professional, or financial – it leads to social growth as well. You won’t connect as much with people that don’t share your goals and ambitions. The old lazy and complacent attitude that was once a big part of you will seem foreign to you now. You will either inspire others or make them feel bad because they aren’t working as hard as you. As your social circle changes, you will start to meet like-minded people who want to become assets just like you. You will meet new people that invest in themselves, in their education, and in their life experiences. Nature has designed us to crave group interaction, and you specifically will look for others that share similar thoughts and habits. That relationship will benefit both of you, as you help each other become even better.

There is nothing wrong with disconnecting from people. It is a natural occurrence as our life changes. What matters most is that your life does in fact change. Being stagnant is the true horror. We need to make the most out of the time that we have. If the social group you are in isn’t a good match to the new you, then you don’t have anything to be sorry for when you change your environment. Instead, embrace the growth you experience and take advantage of a world full of new opportunities.


We are always advocating that productivity isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. It is a lifestyle. You can’t be productive for a week and expect results. If you go to the gym for one week, do you then resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger? No. It is a lifelong journey. You need to be consistent and dedicated. The results, however, are there for the taking. People often try to blame it on genetics, talent, or social status, but those are all excuses. There are tons of examples of success achieved through pure hard work. Hours, weeks, months, and years of hard and smart work. While others are sleeping or wasting time, those who yearn to become an asset in this world are out there spending their time in a productive manner. There is no special trick.

Perhaps the most important step in this journey is not to get discouraged. Productivity isn’t exponential at first. If you are giving your best for a whole month, you might not experience any financial or social growth. However, you will grow both personally and professionally. It might not be noticeable at first, but the growth will be there. Every small task, every hour that you invest in yourself will have a snowball effect, beginning small but increasing in size as momentum increases. The bottom line is that you can’t get discouraged or be afraid that your effort is not paying off. It takes time for those little wins to become something greater. Success isn’t an overnight process. It is a byproduct of the time that you spent productively investing in yourself. When everything starts to click, then the growth will be exponential in every area. When you cross that line, then you will start to make smart choices that bring even more security and opportunity. Until then, build the foundation to foster that growth. As always, if you are willing to join our productive lifestyle, we at MushMonday are here to help!