In this article, we will discuss why you should focus on productivity – why it is so important and how you can be a happier person through being a more productive individual. If you are reading this, then you already know that something is not quite right. How can people go through life without aiming for something higher? That is the question most of us forget in our daily routine. If you are working toward being more productive – and with our assistance you will be – then you have noticed that there is more to life than doing the same things over and over every day. You are now realizing that such a way of living is not happiness. It is a sort of satisfaction, but not a healthy one. You are satisfied because your life is safe. There are no new challenges that might rock your boat. There is nothing to struggle with or overcome. Is that true happiness? For some it might be, but for those of us that want to strive and improve, it isn’t. It is just playing safe.
Now that we threw away the crutches, let’s talk about why focusing on your productivity will directly impact your happiness.

The most vital point we emphasize over and over is that the only resource that truly matters is time. That is what counts. If we had a limitless amount of time in this world, the word “productivity” would not exist. It exists because the clock is always ticking. It is a skill that can always be improved. It is due to our lack of time that we must be productive. However, what does that have to do with happiness? We, as humans, need to overcome challenges. We need to climb ladders, to be greater than someone/something, to be better, to grow, to experience, to learn. There is a massive difference between being content and being genuinely happy. A massive difference between moments of happiness and a life of happiness. In order to achieve a life of happiness, one must grow as efficiently as possible, which is what we are trying to pass on to you.
Let’s take a closer look at how a more productive way of life can have a direct effect on your happiness.


Since the day that we are born, we want to beat every challenge that crosses our path. When we are toddlers, it is walking, running, beating puzzles, building things, etc. As we grow older, those challenges start to change according to our priorities. In our teens, we want the best grades, we want to have as many friends as possible, we want to be popular, and so on. The amount of challenges increases as we grow older, but our inherent need to overcome them doesn’t.
Still, why do they seem to become so irrelevant as time goes by? Because we start to forget how exhilarating it is to achieve something that we really want. Nowadays, we tend to just let go and move on to other things, or we simply take our life for granted and do nothing to change it. Simply put, today’s society gives up too quickly. We have so many distractions in our daily lives, so many things to kill time that we forget such a basic need – becoming better.
How can we rekindle that fire of happiness? We need to become productive again. Throughout our childhood and adolescence, we try our best to do everything that we can. We make friends, we study, we work, we improve. Even though our schedule is still completely full from school, activities, and house chores, there was always time to learn something new or invest in fulfilling fields. That spark starts to fade away with the passing of the years. Our productivity stagnates. We simply work on our obligations and go through our routine. The spark of growth is forgotten, and so is that blissful happiness that came with it.
What can we do to get it back? Simply start challenging yourself again. Join new activities, learn something new, devote your time to being the best that you can be, and stop killing time. You will see that after you conquer your first real challenge, you will taste true happiness. It may seem silly at the moment, but it couldn’t be more true. Even throughout human history, there were always people that wanted to conquer, change, and leave their mark in the world. They weren’t special snowflakes. They were just determined and had a goal. They wanted to achieve what they desired and worked toward it. They were as productive as one can be, and through that way of being they weren’t just content. They were grabbing their happiness.


Another important factor is growing as a person. If you are being productive with your time, then you are inherently growing. And we as people feel happy when we improve. The thing is that this type of happiness is not the same as the one that we get when we win a prize or win a single competition. It is a lasting happiness that will always be there because of the way we are. If we are able to learn, improve, and tackle any challenge that comes in our lives, there is a sense of confidence and self-esteem that is magnified after every daily battle.
This type of fulfillment only comes when productivity starts to become a part of your personality. As a result, you will be happier. However, instead of being a fleeting feeling or something that is just “there”, it becomes a trait of your being. You start to be happy because you are you. Because you can and will grow. Next week you will be a different person. A better person. That kind of happiness is only achievable through hard work. What if you work hard and efficiently? That is what productivity is all about.
When was the last time that you gave it your all at work? When was the last time that you tried something new and exciting? Do you remember the last time that your heart felt like it was racing? What new knowledge have you learned today? Do you remember the last time that you grew as an individual? Now is the time to focus on being productive. Get out of your safe zone, use your time wisely, and learn new things. Experience happiness like you did when you were a child. It is time to experience fulfillment. True happiness is there for you to grab. We just need to put in the work and stop stagnating in our comfort zone. Challenge yourself and grow!


Your confidence and social circle is a result of how you have changed throughout the process. When you become more productive and happier as a consequence, your personality and background start to change. You will become more confident. You will do things that most think are impossible. How does that translate to your social circle? When you change, the people around you change, too. When we are around funny people, we laugh. When we are around sad people, we become mellow. People are easily influenced by other people and the environment around us. This branches into two different points that we must address.
The first branch involves your current friends and associates. If your social circle is a group of procrastinators with no goals, motivation, or ambition, you too will absorb their traits. In fact, that is how many people are so stuck in their lives nowadays. Due to our current way of living where distractions like games, TV, and social media reign supreme, people start to let go of their personal goals and just kill time. And we as humans – a compilation of groups of people – start to slowly become content with that way of life. At this point, there are three possible outcomes. First, when you decide to change, you will inspire the rest of your group to do so. This is the best possible outcome that you can hope for. Second, you and your group will start to fade away. Your new character will seem odd to them and you will start to see them in a different light as well. Over the course of a few weeks or months, you will feel out of place and they won’t understand your goals. This happens way more often than you might think. Third, you still remain as friends, but you don’t share the same aspirations and brand of life. You will fade away, but you won’t cut ties. This is probably the most common outcome.
The second branch involves creating a new social circle. You might not notice at first, but you will change in many ways due to your new lifestyle. Trying to be more productive opens up many paths that will influence your decisions, your life, and your way of thinking. You will be a whole new person. That will result in attracting like-minded people. You will meet and get along with individuals that share your goals and ambitions. These are people that like to embark in adventures, tackle challenges, and embrace difficulties because they know they will conquer them. You will all inspire each other to become even better. Also, due to your new lifestyle, you will be more interesting and easier to talk to. You will be able to start a conversation without much effort because you have so much going on with your life. The fact that some people can easily make friends and spark interesting conversations has probably bothered you. You may have asked, “How can they be so cool, interesting, and easy to get along with?” It all stems from their productive life. Since they have so much going on, they can easily talk to anyone.

Despite the branch that you will fall into, one thing does not change. Your confidence and self-esteem will rise through the roof. This factor leads to lasting happiness because you will feel validated and important since you can easily inspire and talk to others, and because you feel like a lion. Everything is intertwined. A simple way to look at it is to compare it to physical exercise. When we go to a gym and start to see our body become firmer, leaner, and more muscular, we feel a massive amount of confidence from our appearance. The idea is the same, but applied to your core personality. The step toward leading a productive life will offer the same confidence through our mind and social skills.


When we feel validated and important, we feel happy. It is that simple. Our brains react when that need is met. And we crave it from the moment we are born. However, as we have said previously, people forget that. Instead of feeling permanently validated by ourselves, we try to get it from others in little things, and even those little things start to become a hassle for many.
Many go to work and pass time until it is time to leave. Then they go home and kill time until the next day, go to work again, etc. It is a cycle of dullness. They are failing not only others, but themselves as well. Then when the time comes, they are easily replaced by another person that can perform a better job/activity. These people have no pride in what they do.
When one realizes that we must prove ourselves to the world, that is when life starts to spin. If you are here reading this, then you know what we are talking about. You know something has to change. It is time to become an asset.
This is a type of happiness that only comes to those who are willing to improve, but it is not only about being happy. Your whole core changes. Your values, your mentality, your attitude, your outlook, you as an individual – everything changes. And when does this start to manifest? When we decide to become an asset. Instead of going to work just for the sake of receiving the paycheck, or instead of refusing to learn new things to improve our skillset, we start to put effort into everything. A simple staple rule to this is if your name is attached to it, then it must be your best effort. When we stop delivering work and instead deliver masterpieces, then we are no longer replaceable. People will start to need you because they know that they can count on your skills. They ask you to do hard tasks because they know you are the only one that can deliver. You start to earn your paycheck and more. Soon after, you are an asset to everyone around you. You are needed. Your time is valuable. That is the most gratifying feeling that will be with you forever. It will become a trait of yours. You will be happy with yourself, which is what really matters, and that is all due to how productive you decided to be with your life.


At the end of the day, words are just words. Actions are what decide everything and change people. Stop saying that you will do this or that. Start to take action and just do it. The happiest people are those that achieve success because they know they make a difference. Something could happen to them that would dampen their success, but they think long-term. They know they will overcome it. Success doesn’t come overnight. It isn’t something that you decide to have on a whim. It is a hard-fought battle that demands a change of character. At first, it may feel overwhelming and hard, but if it was easy, everyone would be successful. Easy is letting time go by and waiting for nothing. Is that what you consider happiness? Let’s get out of our shells, shall we?

This is how productivity can help you achieve happiness. And we at Mush Monday are here to guide you through this battle in the best possible way we can offer. Please note that productivity is not a trend or a sprint. It is a marathon. It is a way of life. We slowly start to change how we tackle our lives, which leads to the creation of a whole new individual – a whole new you. What we can promise is that everything around you will become much brighter. People shouldn’t be content. They should always desire and aim for more. Use your time in a productive manner and become an asset for others in your life. Focus on yourself and on your growth, and experience the happiness that comes from being valuable, from knowing that you are important, from being a success. Achieve happiness through greatness and your life will receive a whole new meaning.