What are your Monday mornings like? Do you spend the hours before lunch with your eyes half open, brain half on? Do you reach for the coffee like it’s ice water and you’re in hell? Do words and sentences leave your mouth like English is your fourth language?


Here’s the top-ranked Urban Dictionary definition of “Mush Monday:”

First day of the work week after excessive partying, resulting in a clouded or confused physiological state of mush brain. Typically there are increased instances of absenteeism or little to no productivity on a Mush Monday.

I think we can all agree it doesn’t necessarily take excessive partying to trigger a case of Mush Monday. You might have hosted a sleepover for six of your teenager’s friends Saturday night. Or you might have spent the weekend binge-watching four straight seasons of CSI. Whatever the reason, come Monday morning, your brain is fuzzy, and you’re about to waste a bunch of time.

You’ll spend roughly 50 Mondays a year in this paralyzing condition. That’s nearly two months out of each precious year of your life.

Now I want you to imagine a helping hand pulling you from the rut in which you find yourself and urging you forward to take that proverbial hardest first step. That describes the essence of Mush Monday. There is no quick-and-easy, one-size-fits-all solution to fix everything that’s holding you back, but there are very specific steps you can take for a practical, positive approach to a productive life.

Mush Monday is the ultimate, comprehensive site to help you achieve that. Loaded with tips, techniques, tables, trivia, and as many motivational quotations as we could find, Mush Monday will energize you, catapulting your focus and productivity* to record heights.

Look around. Do you find yourself lagging behind the pace of co-workers, or do you accomplish more than others who are assigned similar tasks? Does your day seem to drag on forever, or does the time fly? Do you measure each day’s success by how many tasks you accomplished? If so, how often is that number satisfactory?

Self-awareness is only the first step on your journey to achieving the level of personal productivity that propels you ahead, that makes your dreams possible. What are the others? Look around the site and see for yourself. My partner and I created Mush Monday with one objective in mind: to share our discoveries about optimizing time, controlling focus, and increasing mental and physical energy to achieve a high rate of personal and professional productivity. Only after you have mastered these habits can you find that delicate, elusive, and vital balance between stimulation and exhaustion.

Don’t let life happen to you. Make life happen for you. Your future will thank you.

*Contrary to what you may think, the word productivity itself does not refer to a level of efficiency, but to the state of producing goods or services in general. One may produce with lightning speed, at a high rate of efficiency (high productivity) or at a snail’s pace (low productivity.) For the purpose of this site, we will use the term “productivity” to refer to an efficient state of production.